24 junio 2019

Yesterday's stories. The zip line

I would be nine or ten years old, I don't remember it well, but if I remember perfectly, when we made the zip line in the ravine that was behind Los Galgos that, over the years, was occupied by a shopping centre that was half a failure until a chain of supermarkets arrived and gave another life to the installation.
The idea of the zip line occurred to us because we found a steel cable that was very long, so long, that it came from the edge of the ravine, which was one of the sidewalks, and reached the wall that served as the border between the ravine and the canodrome. 
We didn't think much about it, we tied the cable to the railing that was the boundary between the sidewalk and the ravine and took it towards the wall. There, with a lot of effort, we managed to make a hole in the block so that we could pass the steel cable and tie it properly. 
When it was tied up, we tried the zip line, but we didn't know how we were going to use it. It occurred to one of us that we could use the steering wheel of an old bicycle to pull us down. The first brave man jumped with the steering wheel, but he caught so much speed that he hit himself with a good blow, although he managed to cushion it using his feet. 
Then we had another problem, this time related to safety. So we thought again and it occurred to us that we could put at the end, some car wheels (we had nearby a gas station that fixed tires) and that's what we did. 
However, the trunks were still considerable, until one of the friends came with an old mattress, we made a hole, we passed the cable and attached it to the wall with ropes and tachas. So, the binomial mattress and tires worked almost perfectly and we had a great time throwing ourselves like crazy ravines down.

Source of the video: Youtube
But our happiness was short-lived, because some worried neighbor called the municipal police and dismantled our invention by telling us that what we had done was crazy and that we could have had a serious accident, but that never happened.

The only sure thing is that we had a great time with our homemade zip line.