19 junio 2019

The Hand of the Dollar

Source: own
The magnificent sculptor Etual, @elportugal, shows us again a work of art and how, some time ago, with a motive of denunciation. This time a hand that represents the all-powerful dollar, which pulls a zipper that opens up the world in which we all find ourselves, pending the likes of this highly interactive world.
Going into the detail of the sculpture, as you can see, I am not exaggerating when I say that it is a work of art by this sculptor Gran Canario, who leaves all his sculptural mastery and wisdom in each work he makes. The level of detail of the hands is spectacular, so much so that it seems that the hand comes out of the same sand. Also noteworthy is the arrow, made up of thousands of people, obnubilated by the social networks that walk, without remedy, towards what appears to be a tomb.
Source: own
These works built in the sand, that are born to die, as if it were an allegory of our life, that we are also born to, someday, cease to exist.