05 junio 2019

Perspective and wind

Own source

Perspective gives you a different view of objects, but it also gives you a different view of life. Just put yourself in a certain place to see things in a different way. If you see it with a certain distance, what yesterday was impossible, today has its possibilities; what yesterday was the end of the world, today you see it as the beginning. You stand here, you stand there, you see it during the day, at dawn or at dusk and your vision changes absolutely.
With photography the same thing happens, the perspective is very important because the capture of the image changes depending on the perspective. You've seen it many times. Each object is potentially different if we consider this aspect.
This photograph is of the Toy of the Wind designed by César Manrique, which looked majestic from a distance, and I say it was seen, because it was dismantled to be repaired and has been in the warehouses of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Town Hall for almost two years.
I had photographed it from a distance, but I had never photographed it from below and I did that, because I wanted to have a different perspective and from there the object is transformed, it becomes another.