26 mayo 2019

What have I seen on Netflix? Collateral

Between Saturday and Sunday I finished watching the mini-series Collateral, which has Netflix on screen, and I was pleasantly impressed, because it is a series that deals with such a hot topic as immigration and the mafias of human trafficking. 
As I say, I liked the main plot, which starts with the death of a pizza delivery man of Arabian race. From then on, the plot advances, chapter after chapter, with an acceptable rhythm, until, in the third chapter (the mini-series has four chapters), the series slows down, as if it needed to catch a little air to keep moving forward.
Video source: Netflix

In each chapter, the knots of the miniseries, the main plot and the subplots are untied. To say that the subplots are related to the main plot, but linked to smoking paper, that if they were removed, in my opinion, the tape would work in the same way. However, if we removed them, the mini-series would have remained a classic film. Perhaps this is the part of the sub-plots, the weakest part of the miniseries, because of the rest, it is enough to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Production company: The Forge / British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) / Netflix / The Forge Entertainment.
Leadership: S.J. Clarkson.
Script: David Hare.
Date: 2018.
Cast: Carey Mulligan, John Simm and Nicola Walker.
Chapter length: 58 min.

A pizza delivery man is killed in one of his deliveries, from there the police try to find out who or who is behind that crime and they will encounter a multitude of problems that they will try to solve through their investigations.