22 mayo 2019

Impossible circuit

Source: own
I have already commented on other occasions, that the creators have a different vision of the world from the rest of mortals and I do not say it to presume, but to verify a fact. What for you may be something insignificant, for me has an artistic value that I will be able to use at any moment.
You can walk around the city and only see people and cars, but the creators see many more things, the insignificant detail, the small plant that makes its way through a crack in the asphalt, the butterfly that rests on your hat, the rest of an old man in front of the sea, the cat sleeping on a roof, the dove that sleeps on the sand on the beach, the traces of the seagulls in the solidified cement, the shoe lost after a night of partying, and so on.
I ask you a question, would you have photographed this impossible circuit? Maybe yes or maybe no. I stopped and did it. I took out my mobile phone, put it in landscape mode and took the picture.
Why did I do it? Because it seemed to me, in my opinion, that the image had an artistic value, that its apparent chaos of straight lines and curves, had a logical code given to it by the driver of the truck that cleaned the beach of Las Canteras first thing in the morning.