21 abril 2019

White Tajinaste

 Source: own
We are not in spring, I know, we are in the early winter, but the Canary Islands are very grateful and since a little rain falls and a pinch the sun comes out (the sun always comes out in these lands) the countryside blooms in all its splendor and the flowers do not wait for spring to show us their beauty.
Then the fields, the ravines and any place where there is a piece of land, the vegetation does not lose the opportunity and are filled with greenery.
It is true that temperature helps because in the middle of winter we rarely have temperatures below zero, if at all in the peaks it reaches zero degrees, but on the islands the temperature ranges between 15 and 24 degrees.
So the plants also have spring in winter and bloom when conditions allow it, as is the case of the white tajinastes, which, in many cases, are blooming, like this one I found along with others in the ravine of Tamaraceite.
 Source: own
The tajinaste (Echium decaisnei) is a shrub endemic to the Canary Islands, there are several types and can be found on all islands and its maximum flowering is in spring, but, as is the case, can bloom in winter.
In this ravine there are many white tajinastes and all were blooming or beginning to bloom; a spectacle I say to be photographed.