17 abril 2019

Walk to Charco Azul

A few months ago I was in the Charco Azul, a place that I had heard of, but had never visited. It was a family visit, since we were my two sisters, the oldest and the youngest, and my son. 
El Charco Azul is near the Risco, a town that belongs to the municipality of Agaete and you will meet him on the way to the village of the village of San Nicolás. 
We arrive at Risco before eleven in the morning. The day accompanied because it was sunny, there was no wind and the temperature was about twenty degrees. Perfect for a walk without complications and very easy to do, although, with rainy weather, you have to be cautious and leave it for another day because when it rains, those ravines have a lot of strength and can be dangerous.
We crossed the Risco neighborhood and, following the directions of the friendly neighbors and the signs, we arrived at the path that would lead us to our destination. The first thing that surprised us was the green of the vegetation and the flowering of some plants and it is that our land is grateful; I remembered that last November it rained with enthusiasm in Gran Canaria and its result was the explosion of nature that we were attending.
When we arrived at the base of the ravine we already began to hear the sound of the water and we could see the streams of crystalline water that ran down the ravine as a result of past rains.
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We continued climbing up the ravine, following the path and with our destination always in sight, because we had it located, in the form of a white cliff that could be seen in the background. 
Halfway we sat down to enjoy the sound of the water running through the streams, which is not very common in our islands, and the song of the birds, especially the song of the Canario del Monte which was wonderful.
Then we continued, always accompanied by the small streams of crystalline water, then we passed the most difficult area and, finally, we arrived at the Charco Azul which was at the base of a large cliff called Tamadaba.

The Blue Pond was full and overflowing because water kept falling from the peaks. We were thinking of taking a bath, but we touched the water and it was very cold, so we let it be. We stayed there for a while to recharge our batteries, drink water, eat some nuts and enjoy the incredible scenery that nature offered us.
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When we finished enjoying the prize for our morning walk, we decided to return and continue our way to the village of San Nicolás