15 abril 2019

What have I seen on Netflix? Rome of Alfonso Cuarón


Today I finished seeing Alfonso Cuarón's Rome in Netflix and the truth is that when I began to see it I didn't have much hope that I would like it, but as the film progressed, it ended up conquering me, not only the story of the two women, the domestic worker and her boss, but also the way Cuarón tells us a common story, but with a depth that leaves you stunned.

Then the black-and-white filming, which takes you, from the first minute, to get in line with what the director wants to tell you, the sequence shots that are perfect, photography is not left behind and the masterful use of cinematographic space.

Then there's what Cuarón tells us behind the scenes, part of the political and social history of Mexico in the 1970s that brings us a little closer to understanding Mexico today.
In short, a film not to be missed, see it with tranquility and enjoy all its art, which has it and a lot.


Produced by: Participant Media - Esperanto Filmoj and distributed by Netflix.
Direction and script: Alfonso Cuarón.
Date: 2018.
Cast: Yalitza Aparicio and Marina de Tavira.
Duration: 135 min.


Rome tells the story of Cleo, a young housekeeper who lives full-time in an upper-middle-class house in Mexico and cares for four children, as well as her relationship with the lady of the house, her family and the outside world.

Video and image source: Netflix