09 abril 2019

The Ineffective Climate Summits

Yes, we humans are the beings who leave most ecological footprint with our activity and this activity is killing our planet. Some are spending billions of euros on research to make human life possible on Mars, when here we have a planet that is crying out for us to stop to make life possible. However, we humans are not able to read beyond our noses and so it goes. 
If we continue with this level of pollution, life on our planet will be almost unsustainable.
International efforts are being made to try to change the current panorama and, most importantly, the future panorama, which the data indicate will be catastrophic if we are not able to stop the locomotive of climate change that is advancing at all costs without even stopping at some station to try not to take the exit again.
The climate summits have tried to put a stop to climate change, but they have been of little use, because the countries still do not remove the blindfold and do not want to see what is happening around them and continue to produce as if nothing had happened.
The Kyoto protocol laid the foundations for an understanding, a starting point, but with very fragile bases, which have been subsequently tried to fix, both in Paris and Katowice, but the agreements are taken with tweezers because neither the USA, China nor India, which are the most polluting countries on the planet, have participated in these pacts.
This is how the planet is, heading towards unprecedented global warming, which we have to stop now because, if we do not, the consequences will be unpredictable and will make living on earth almost like hell.