19 marzo 2019

When will it be?

Here I am, three meters underground,
without knowing where,
I look back and forth and find only bones.
Where are my loved ones?
No one answers me.
I never hear them.

I am only with darkness,
and with the cold humidity that's already part of my bones.
Not even the worms, who did their job
until they left me in the bones, they stayed.
Now, my bones are dyed with blood and mud.

I want to scream, but I can't
my mouth is full of dirt
and I just spit out anger, darkness and loneliness.

I can imagine that I cry,
because I can't cry;
I have the bowls of my eyes dry and full of earth,
and my tears turn to dust.
I think, but my thoughts escape me,
through the shot hole in the back of the neck,
the one who made me a coward,
I begged him to shoot me in the clear forehead,
but he couldn't handle his cowardice.
and ripped my life out of my back.

When will it be time for my bones to see the light again?
No more breathing,
no more stepping into classrooms,
no longer to feel the caress of the beloved hand,
no longer to hear the song of the bird,
no more smiling,
no longer to love,
no longer see the sunrise,
only to see the light of justice.

When will it be?
 Image source:  Own