15 marzo 2019


What am I going to say about dogs? Man's best friend. There's no doubt about that and they help us to be a little happier.
In addition to all their qualities, which are many, are a delight to be photographed because there are large, small, medium, hairy, with short hair, curly hair, curly hair, etc ..., although there are some with whom you have to have a lot of patience to take a picture. As is the case, because he did not stop still playing behind his beloved tennis ball.
He moved from here to there without stopping, looking at his owner to throw the ball and me behind him looking for the right time to immortalize him with the camera of my Acer Liquid Z630. I managed to take his picture in a moment of doubt, when he was looking at his owner and the ball, hesitating to catch his ball or wait for someone to throw it to continue playing. That was the precise moment. I captured him.
Picture taken with an Acer Liquid Z630 mobile phone