10 marzo 2019

The politics

It is clear that politics is necessary for the development of societies and allows us to advance under the umbrella of understanding and respect. Although many consider politics as a necessary evil and others as an endemic evil with which we have to live.
However, politics surrounds us, it is everywhere; everywhere we look we will find its presence. Many times we don't realize it, but it is there, present in our lives from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed. When we turn on the light in the morning, behind that gesture, there is politics, because there are a number of rules governing the provision of light to our homes that have been approved by politicians and so we could go on with each and every one of the rules that govern our lives.
Having said that and having seen the need for politics in Western societies, politics has, in many cases, become the refuge of the mafiosi, who have found it a place to appropriate part of the public purse, using the public administration as if it were their private estate where everything that has been and has been sold and bought.
Political corruption has become a scourge in many governments around the world and has no political colour; it is everywhere and affects most political parties.
If political corruption is already serious, it is even more serious that politicians who enrich themselves with corruption leave unscathed and do not pay for their misdeeds. Then politics turns into a big gruyer cheese that is full of holes through which criminal politicians escape.
Despite this discouraging scenario, we have to live with this scourge and try to change it to the extent of our possibilities through our vote. We have no choice.