06 marzo 2019


I continue with my paintings created with Paint, my way of giving free rein to my imagination. On this occasion the idea was to make a composition that would reflect the superstructure to which we are subjected, that surrounds us without hardly realizing it and that tends to equalize us through globalization, forgetting that we are unique and different beings.
I emphasize this because you only have to look around to see that this is so. Our society penalises the different, the different and tries, with coercive measures, to polish it until it becomes one of "ours". Otherwise he will be cornered and expelled from the community. You only have to look around and you will see that this is so. Observe and you will find what I tell you.
This structure is so powerful that we ourselves do the work of transforming ourselves until we become the pattern that we are projected.
To make the representation of this I pose, I used many rectangles and several circles to note that difference matters, using different colors surrounded by rectangles. It is evident that this painting may have other types of interpretations that are the responsibility of the observer. I just let myself go, these compositions come out and I share them. I don't pretend any more.

Source: own