04 marzo 2019

White hibiscus

A week ago I published a picture of a mauve hibiscus in a garden in Budapest, on a trip we made to that charming city last September.
I already commented in that entrance that there were different types of hibiscus and some attracted my attention, especially the mauve and this one of white color, with a spectacular combination (white, red, yellow and green) and also adorned with raindrops that made it even more beautiful.
That day was overcast, hence the raindrops, but that was not an obstacle for there to be enough light to get a close-up of this white hibiscus. The light is very fundamental for the photography, but it is more so when you have to use the macro of the camera of the mobile phone to get a close-up, which is very sensitive to the lack of light.
The truth is that when I use the macro, many times I can not take the picture I want and is due, in most cases, the lack of adequate light, but this time the natural light played in my favor.
I liked the result and a good photograph came out in which you can appreciate how great nature is and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy it.