02 marzo 2019

The mailbox of the past

The walks through the villages give me the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and to find objects like this mailbox, which had a leading role in another era, but which, today, has become a testimonial element of a time that, I suppose, will not return.
E-mail has cornered him as new technologies have taken over the world of letters and paper letters are a silent witness to oblivion.
I still remember when I used to write letters to friends, in the summer or at Christmas, to tell them how it was happening and to ask them to write me to find out about them, hoping, anxiously, that the reply letter would be deposited in my mailbox to answer and continue with the epistolary game. Going to the mailbox with the key to open it was exciting, so much so that your heart beat harder because you wanted to find the expected answer.
I still have the letters from those summers, letters that were part of me at a very important stage in my life and helped me grow as a person.
At present, you take your personal mailbox with you everywhere, but you no longer get letters from summer friends, now you get love letters from women or men from the north or south, from businesses you can't refuse, from inheritances from a distant relative that promise to make you a billionaire or malicious links that just want to empty your wallet.
Yes, email is an undeniable advance. I don't doubt it, but traditional mail had its charm, a charm I don't know if it will be recovered in this fast-paced world.

Picture taken with an Acer Liquid Z630 mobile phone