28 febrero 2019

Now that you're not

Now that you're not
I don't have any reasons
to understand life a little more,
to continue on the path
with the simplicity you taught me,
I try to find them under my feet,
in the hands of others,
in the words of encouragement,
but I can't find them.

Now that you're not
I look for you on coffee mornings,
that now smells like your absence,
and, seated, I hope to hear your voice,
but I only get an entelechy of memories,
the unmistakable flavors of the art of your meals,
the warm smells of the rooms,
and the warm hand of your last trip.

Now that you're not
I can't take my knots to you anymore,
put them on the table,
to help me untie them,
and there they stay with your saints,
waiting for the miracle that never comes.

Now that you are not
I think of you and I'm playing with your memories,
trying to understand why life is like this,
and life is you, no more and no less.

Picture taken with an Acer Liquid Z630 mobile phone