24 febrero 2019

The Sinner


After having seen the first season of The Sinner, which was quite a discovery, the second has left me wanting for more, with the feeling that it has been left half-heartedly, as if it lacked to go a step further, that it had something left in the way, as if the producers were in a hurry to finish it and did not give them time to finish it properly.
Perhaps the reason for this is a script that does not take off, with a plot that is very interesting, but as the series progresses, is diluted without untying all the knots that are raised throughout the chapters we propose.
This does not mean that this second season is bad, what I mean is that, from my point of view, this second season has dropped a level compared to the first, not only with the level of the actors but also with the story that tells us.
However, it must be said that the series lets itself be loved from the first chapter, captures your attention and invites you to continue seeing it, chapter after chapter, until you reach the end, an aspect that must be thanked to part of the script and the direction.
No doubt I invite you to see it, you will have a good time following the inquiries of inspector Harry Ambrose to unravel the case he is investigating.


Inspector Harry Ambrose returns to his hometown of Keller to investigate the poisoning of a couple by his teenage son for no apparent reason. His return is due to a call from the daughter of a childhood friend who is a policeman and has taken charge of the case. The investigation becomes entangled as the police investigation progresses, uncovering unknown aspects in the town of Keller.