12 febrero 2019

The butterfly effect of a buckle

I arrived at the station forty-three minutes before the time of the train's departure. Enough time to have a good breakfast that would later make its sleeping effect and I could sleep the two and a half hours of travel that lasted the journey Barcelona-Madrid. At the end of my breakfast I went to pass the passenger control and I passed it without any problem.
I enjoyed reading Peter Svansen's latest book, "The Deck" until I began to notice a stir around me and that stir became a public address warning that we had to leave the station as quickly as possible.
The passengers were panicked because there was a rumor that there was a bomb somewhere in the station. Everyone started to run as if they had two seconds left to live and as they say, fear is free and so much so that it is free, because some ran terrified pushing to get out of the potential hell as soon as possible. I left the station without haste, but without pause.
I was out of the station for over an hour not knowing what had happened, with the only information that the evacuation had been for a bomb warning. With more calm and through the digital newspapers we find out what had been the reason and it had been none other than a belt buckle shaped like a grenade that had passed the relevant controls. I had time to go into the Cabify application to suspend the contracted service and wait to know at what time I would resume my trip to Madrid.
When I knew the departure time of my train, I re-entered the Cabify application and hired a service. After four and a quarter hours I was able to take the fast train to Madrid.
When I arrived in the capital of Madrid, Cabify's car was waiting for me outside the station that would take me to my destination. During the journey I asked him why he had a black loop on the vehicle's antenna and the driver replied because a colleague had had a fatal accident in the morning on his way back from Atocha station. A truck had skipped a stop and threw it. I don't know why I asked him if he knew the license of the driver who had died.  He said yes and gave it to me. I opened the application and it was the driver who had to pick me up if I had arrived on time in Madrid.
I didn't say anything to the driver. I made the tour thinking about the coincidences of life, as if a simple object: a buckle shaped like a grenade could change so many things, because if the security guard had detected it, I would have taken the fast train without any problem, I would have arrived in Madrid at the scheduled time and the driver of Cabify would not have died run over by the truck because everything would have changed.

La fuerza del mar a pocos centímetros


Acabo de sacar esta foto en Los Nidillos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria y como pueden ver la ola estuvo a punto de bañarme.

I just took this picture in Los Nidillos in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and as you can see the wave was about to bathe.