05 febrero 2019


Taking life in peace and enjoying it should be one of the first objectives of our passage through this world because, you only have to look around you, we walk too fast, wanting to get as soon as possible to our destination, finish as quickly as possible the daily tasks, a run that affects us in a silent way and can break our lives without realizing it.
That's why we have to stop and look for that space to find ourselves, breathe and enjoy the moment and try to live life in a slower way. Our head and our health will thank us.
When I saw this person lying on the beach, on that beach puff, I thought we should all do like him, look for the time to lie down to disconnect from the worldly noise and try to disappear for a while and meet again with our self and he is the only thing that matters. Nothing else matters.
I know it's difficult because the world around us pushes us from all directions, but we have to try.
Image source: Photograph taken with an Acer Liquid Z630