03 febrero 2019


I'm not a painter, I want to make that clear; I respect the art of painting a lot, but lately it relaxes me a lot to paint and for it I use Paint, the so famous application of Windows, that allows me to develop some idea that I have in my head. As is the case here, in which I wanted to reflect how square we are and that we need the disconformity, the distortion to continue living because otherwise, we would drown in so much rectitude.
I started the idea by throwing straight lines that I was then converting into geometric figures, which the program allowed me to completely complete the picture and, at the end, paint the center with the palette without having a predefined concept, only the discrepancy with the straight lines.
I chose the center to paint the discrepant lines because this is how many of us in this society feel, surrounded by lines to follow, laws, norms and rules, without being able to do anything else but cultivate nonconformity.
Source of images: Own