30 enero 2019


Sculpture Oscar Tusquets located on the beach of Las Canteras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
The stairs remind me of life, because from the moment we are born we do not stop climbing steps, one after the other, until we complete our life cycle.
I also assimilate them with the goals, with that of climbing the first step, that if we do not climb it, we will never reach the goal we have set for ourselves, each step being the objectives we have to complete until we reach the end.
However, many times we forget that, in this ascent, we can rest, take a breath because if we don't do it, it can happen that we stay on the road or that we abandon our goal forever. We cannot forget what they say: "Slowly and with good handwriting".
 Image source: Photograph taken with an Acer Liquid Z630