01 julio 2019

Bearing carriages.

It's been a long time. Yes, we were at the gates of pre-adolescence and the people of the peripheral neighborhoods had to look for life to have fun, because our toys were scarce and we had to pull imagination to build them.
One of those toys was the carousels with bearings, which we built with wood that we found in the trash. The wood didn't have to be very big, but it did have to be long and wide enough for us to sit comfortably.
Then we had to look for the bearings (the wheels of our carricoche) and for that we visited all the Escaleritas and Schamann mechanical workshops, which almost always had one that was no longer useful to them and they gave it to us.
Then we looked for the slats to fit the bearings, to make the rear and front wheels, which included the power steering (by a rope), looking for them to be well anchored to the board, because sometimes they flew out when we reached the cruising speed and ended up rolling on the ground.

Others were more daring and made a big car and without thinking much, took an old door, placed the wood with the bearings and to fly with it.
And there was no lack of the competitions that we held on any road in the neighborhood, which had enough unevenness to leave shot down in search of maximum speed and maximum happiness.
That's how we spent our childhood and yes, we had a wonderful time.

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