21 junio 2019

Yesterday's stories. The bullet

There was a time when it was very fashionable to use bullets to make pendants. I don't remember how, but a bullet fell into my hands and I thought I could make a pendant out of it. The bullet was small, I don't remember the caliber because I wasn't interested either. I spent some time looking for a way to make the pendant; at that time there were no Youtube tutorials.
I tried to remove the cap with a pair of pliers, but I couldn't, so I thought that by putting it on the fire, it would be easier to do. So I set to the task of making a bonfire in the open field behind my street. I thought the bullet had no gunpowder, so I took a wire and tied up the bullet. When the fire was at its peak, I placed the bullet in it and waited.
Soon, I felt an explosion that left me paralyzed and the remains of the bonfire flew everywhere and I with the biggest scare of my short life.
Yes, the bullet was loaded with gunpowder. Thanks to the fact that I had placed it with the tip down, because if I had put it up, I don't know what would have happened.
After the initial scare and removing the remaining embers, I found the cap tied to the wire, but there was no trace of the bullet. I didn't give up and kept looking until I found it. I made the bonfire again, tied the bullet to the wire and put it on the fire, sure that this time it wouldn't detonate.
The fire melted the lead in the bullet and, very carefully, I put a piece of wire in it. In the end I had my pendant and an experience I will never forget.

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