01 junio 2019

The apocalypse at two minutes

Yes, so does the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists who say we are two minutes away from the end of the world. They assert it after the analysis of the data they obtain from the tensions between the most powerful countries in the world, which possess the largest and most devastating atomic arsenals and which they can use in the event of a war.
However, not only is it feared that a nuclear war could devastate the earth we know, but they also add that climate change could accelerate the end of life on earth and disappear from it forever.
It is clear that these two minutes is a great metaphor, but a very illuminating metaphor, which has to make us think about what we are doing on our planet, and alert us that we have to do something to preserve life on the earth of now and the earth of the future. Otherwise, if we don't take action, we are a few seconds away from the final whistle, from the great feared GAME OVER.
The dangerous thing is that that clock has been stopped in that position since last year and that had never happened before. That's a very important detail to keep in mind. It should be noted that this has happened at the same time as the madmen Trump, Putin and Kim Jong-un are in power, three leaders who only have the word fire and death in their heads. These rulers have been taking political and military measures that have put us a little closer to the end.
I know that most humans don't care and the presidents even more so, but it is, without a doubt, a wake-up call to be able to take some measure to turn back that apocalyptic clock.
I don't like to be a catastrophist, but the truth is that the data is there. We just have to stop and observe the world around us and realize that these scientists, of recognized prestige, are not wrong.

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