11 mayo 2019

What have I seen on Netflix? Travellers. Three seasons


A few days ago I finished watching the serie Travellers that Netflix is broadcasting in its third season. To say that the tape started well with some first chapters that were putting you in the main plot, but when the second season began, the chapters began to lose steam, as if the scriptwriters did not know how to continue, including nondescript chapters, without any mission and focusing on the sub-plots starring the five members of the travel team and conflict resolution in the least plausible way.
Yes, at the beginning of the third season, the series ended up boring me, because it continued with the same tone as the second, without having a clear objective of how it was going to continue.
So I don't know if a second season will be filmed. In my opinion, this cow doesn't give any more milk, but I'm not a shareholder of Netflix or the production company.


Production: Netflix and Showcase .
Script: Brad Wright.
Date: 2016.
Cast: Eric McCormack, MacKenzie Porter, Nesta Cooper, Jared Abrahamson, Reilly Dolman, Patrick Gilmore.
Duration chapter: 45 min.


Five people, time travelers, who take the bodies of humans who were going to die, try to change some aspects of humanity to change the future from which they come, but they will encounter a multitude of obstacles that will make things very difficult for you to achieve your goals.

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