30 mayo 2019

What have I seen on Netflix? Colony, second season

Yesterday I finished watching the second season of Colony on Netflix and I still find it an interesting series, with the necessary elements to follow it closely chapter by chapter, without losing sight of the main plot that focuses on the survival of the Bowman family that tries, by all means, to emerge unscathed from the alien invasion.
What is true is that the thirteen chapters of this second season, are not as exciting as those of the first installment and some chapters are a little dispensable and try to resolve issues that have little that they see with the main plot that is the one that interests us.
However, and in spite of this, the series follows me interesting result, because it keeps you in front of the television with enough expectation not to take the step to continue with something else.
Video source: Youtube
Now I'm waiting for Netflix to come up for the third season and what the Bowman family has in store for us.

Production Broadcasted by USA Network; Legendary Television: / Universal Cable Productions / MELS.
Leadership: Juan José Campanella
Script: Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal.
Date: 2017.
Cast: Isabella Crovetti, Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Peter Jacobson.
Chapter duration: 45 min, approximately.

The Bowman family tries to survive in the alien colony of the city of Los Angeles, trying to stay together despite the difficulties that prevent them and have to face a multitude of problems to achieve that goal.

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