24 mayo 2019

The vinaigrette and its flowers

Source: own
Yes, I know, it's the second time I've taken a flower from the vinaigrette, but it's just that I couldn't resist taking pictures of these simple, but at the same time, beautiful flowers.

Moreover, like the theatre, each photograph is different, it is never the same, because, simply, each moment is different, because everything changes in the next instant.

You take a picture now and you take a picture the next second and you already have another picture. Maybe you don't perceive it with the naked eye, but something has changed, like the light, because the sun is no longer in the same place, the passage of a cloud that makes a semi-transparent screen, the flight of a bird, in short, that the world we know changes with each step we take.

That's why I took the photograph because the set, light, colors and flowers, seemed to me worthy of immortalizing it, with which I didn't think much about it.

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