05 mayo 2019

Graffiti tribute to Bruce Lee

Source: own
Those who follow me know that I'm an admirer of street art, especially graffiti, because there are real artists who offer us their art without receiving anything in return.
On the streets of my city there are graffiti artists who give us their works generously and we only have to contemplate and enjoy them, as is the case.
Near my house is the Tamaraceite ravine and due to its flow they have built two tunnels to channel rainwater to avoid runoffs and uncontrolled overflows. The municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria wants to turn its surroundings into a large park and build a lizard.
These tunnels have become the cement canvas that graffiti artists use to immortalize their works, which I have already posted on my Steemit blog, but this one, along with others, I discovered last Sunday.
As you can see the quality of the graffiti is unquestionable, both are by the same author and both play with the name of the author, Ceser.
The first is a tribute to Bruce Lee, specifically to the film, which never ended, Game with Death. Bruce Lee was a martial arts idol that I admired when I was a teenager and saw each and every one of his films.
The second graffiti is a tribute to the graffiti world and also to the Rap world and everyone around it.
Source: own
I hope that these street artists will continue to show us their works in the corners of my city and in the corners of every city in the world

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