21 mayo 2019

Come closer

Source: own

Come over here without me noticing,
with the stealth of a panther,
and devour me until there's nothing left of me,
neither the bones nor the breath of the past.

Approach me without giving me explanations,
without asking the permission of the gods,
break the silence with your screams
and lie down next to me and sleep,
following the path of water.

Approach from the bent infinity,
from incomprehension and unconsciousness,
talk to me even if I don't understand you, 
give me your words and I'll turn them towards the universe.

Come closer and give me your warm hands,
cover me with the light of your suns 
illuminate my cave soul and
give me a second of light for my eternity.

Come closer, sit next to me, breathe with me,
feel the flow of our consciences,
close your active eyes and let yourself be carried away
to the beyond where today it's just you and me

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