19 abril 2019

Madagascar Vinca

Yesterday I told you that my sisters, my son and I visited the Charco Azuland on the way I came across some flowers, but above all this white flower with its pink center caught my attention. Isn't it beautiful? 
Yes, there is no doubt that it is; that unpolluted white color that contrasts with the pink that is in its center, as if the pink, through a magical process, were transforming into the white of its petals.
Well, for those reasons, don't hesitate to take a picture of it. As I told you yesterday, the day accompanied the clear sky without a cloud, the ideal temperature to walk and, why not, to take out my mobile phone and immortalize some flowers. The blasted sky contributed to the fact that light was not a problem, but a necessary collaborator for the photograph to go well.
The good thing is that this beautiful flower, the Vinca de Madagascar (Catharanthus roseus), was in a place in the shade, so it did not get direct light and allowed me to get a close-up with the light needed for this purpose.

Photos taken with an Acer Liquid Z630 mobile phon

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