08 marzo 2019

Yesterday I had a dream

Yesterday I had a dream
and I wore it for a hat,
a wide-brimmed dream,
of those who cover you from the sun and the rain,
red, no, blue, no, green, no, black,
he finally got the color of the rainbow.

Then it became a dusty road,
full of old benches
who talked to me and invited me to sit down,
to rest because the road is long
and to remove the dust from my life.
I sat down and became the old wood of all benches and invited others to sit down.
and to remove the dust that they dragged from life.

I escaped from the wood, I spit out the nails
which turned me into a bank and I ran to the exit,
but the dusty road turned into a tumultuous sea,
and me in a drifting boat
who danced to the sound of the waves
that were the men and women who had gone through my life.

Then came the calm,
was no longer a wooden boat,
it was a grey stain of ashes on the sea
that was being diluted in the foam of the waves.

Yesterday I had a dream
and I wore it for a hat,
I was road, wood, I was bank,
I was a boat and I was ashes.

 Picture taken with an Acer Liquid Z630 mobile phone 

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