31 marzo 2019

Trip to Lanzarote

Lanzarote, the island of volcanoes, a tight nickname that comes as a ring to the finger, because on this island, little by little you look, you find volcanoes and many, even today, keep in their bowels the heat and fire of yesteryear, like those found in the Timanfaya National Park in which there are more than three hundred volcanoes and there occurred the last eruption recorded on the island in 1824.
Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands where I have been most, together with Fuerteventura, but I had almost always done it for work reasons or just to get closer to Graciosa Island and I never had the opportunity to spend a few days off to enjoy the wonders offered by this charming island. 
I have to say that of the places I visited, the one that most impressed me was Timanfaya National Park, for its impressive lava rivers and its landscapes that seemed like you were entering an unknown world.
No wonder that some science fiction films have been shot in this spectacular space, because it seems that these landscapes belong to other worlds.
One of the aspects that impressed me was the geothermal energy that can still be felt by taking some lapilli or observing how a park employee pours a little water into the interior and how it comes out, by squirting, after boiling.

Proof of that energetic force of the interior of the earth was the following video:
Without a doubt, Lanzarote is an island to visit without a doubt, an island that you will fall in love with.

Pictures taken with an Acer Liquid Z630 mobile phone.
Source of the videos: personal page of Youtube
Source of images: own

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