12 marzo 2019

The bicycle

Bicycles have always caught my attention and that's why I photograph them, of course, when they have the conditions to do so and that, for some reason, they attract my attention, because some bicycles have something special.
I photographed this bicycle because I was struck by the play of light and shadow of the moment, with the front part exposed to the light and the rear part in the shadow. I was also struck by the position in which I was, with the front wheel turned to one side casting its shadow on the red bricks on the ground.
Besides being special to photograph them, they are a great means of transportation, especially in big cities, which can help your economy, because at the end of the year you'll save good money on fuel or in the bonds of bus or metro, because the only fuel you spend are your calories, which comes in handy to lose those extra kilos, keep in shape and keep at bay cardiovascular diseases and other ailments.
In addition, if you use the bicycle you are contributing to controlling climate change because its use does not pollute and its ecological footprint is insignificant.
Finally, if you travel by bicycle you will have less stress and you will see your city or town in a different way and you will discover places that you will never be able to see and perceive by car.

Picture taken with an Acer Liquid Z630 mobile phone

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