17 marzo 2019

Meeting point

I continue with the creations with the Paint, this time I titled it "Meeting Point" because I began to work with that idea from the beginning, drawing lines that went towards a common point; the meeting point.
The idea of the meeting point comes to me as a reflection of reaching agreements, in an increasingly polarized world, in which divergent opinions are more present every day and we have to make efforts to converge.
Even if we have different points of view, we can always come to a point of understanding. So I worked with different colours, as a representation of discrepancy and difference, with the idea that, despite being different, we can dialogue until we find the common links that unite us and, from there, reach agreements that allow us to move forward as a society.
The result is what they see and as I say, I am not an artist, I just try to capture an idea using this computer application. Nothing more and nothing less.
 Image source:  Own

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