21 febrero 2019

The Silence of Others

The title is already revealing, because that is exactly what has happened since democracy was established almost forty years ago, where silence has been, and continues to be, clamorous with the victims of the Franco dictatorship.
The silence of others tells you, in a simple way, what happened and is happening with the victims of the Franco regime, whose heirs continue to ask for justice in order to rescue their loved ones from the oblivion of ditches, mass graves, wells, chasms, fields and seas and to be able to bury them in a dignified manner. They do not ask for revenge, they ask for justice.
They also demand justice for those who suffered reprisals from the dictatorship, from the hand of the regime's torturers, and who are still at large in our streets.
Many repeat to the point of satiety that we have to turn the page, that past water does not move mills, but in this precise case, one cannot turn the page until all those victims are taken out of the mass graves to be buried with dignity because they were killed with premeditation and treachery and buried at night so that they would never be found.
The silence of others should be seen in the institutes so that the youngest know what happened in Spain with the defeated, those who gave their lives to defend democracy.
This documentary can help us understand the victims and put ourselves in the other's shoes to understand their grief, their helplessness, their anger and their shame.
December 6, 2018 is the fortieth anniversary of democracy, forty years in which we have made great progress as a society, but we have the subject of historical memory pending and we have not been able to erase, forever, every vestige of the bloody Franco dictatorship and we continue to perceive its stink in our streets, in our squares and in some of our politicians. I hope that this will be possible before the frogs grow hair, as María Martín, a victim of the dictatorship, said.
Image source:  The Silence of Others. / BTEAM PICTURES

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