14 febrero 2019

The knots

You know that. The knots tie.
Like the first kiss.
The one that went all over your body,
and it stayed with you forever,
like a fossil waiting to be found.

The knots untie.
Like the first contempt,
The one who stayed in the air,
so thick you could frame it.

The knots tie.
Like the first caress.
The one that made you close your eyes.
Not knowing where you were.
You just felt and let yourself go.

The knots untie.
As with the first border.
That invisible one that rose without hardly knowing it,
with the silences, with the lies and with the absences.

Knots tie.
Like the first I love you.
Who disarmed you. You let yourself go
and you wondered if you could come back.

The knots untie.
As with the first scream.
The one that pierced your heart,
the one who pulled out the shovel
to dig the grave.

The knots are tied and untied.

Source Photograph taken with an Acer Liquid Z630

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