20 febrero 2019

Nature Drops

The camera of my mobile has its limitations, but there are times when the gods of light join forces and I take photographs such as this flower, in which all the necessary elements are combined to demonstrate, for the millionth time, that nature is wonderful and gives us beauties such as this flower, a hibiscus that was in a garden in Budapest.
In my daily walk I look everywhere, not that I go in search and capture of a photograph, but I recognize that my look is active, waiting to find something worth being photographed.
This time we were walking in the direction of one of Budapest's metro stations, and soon we came across some gardens with a wide variety of flowers, including hibiscus, white and mauve. I took out the mobile phone and activated his camera because I knew I would find some flower that deserved to be photographed. It didn't take long to find it.
I stopped in front of her to contemplate her beauty, which increased with the raindrops that had fallen a few minutes before, a perfect combination. Drops of rainwater, the colors mauve, red, white, yellow and green.
Yes, nature gives us every day part of its incredible beauty, we just have to stop to observe it, have an active look to enjoy what it offers.
Perhaps the daily hustle and bustle pushes us to pass by the wonderful nature, however, we have to stop; our world will not collapse if we stop for a few minutes to enjoy what we have around us.
 Picture taken with an Acer Liquid Z630 mobile phone

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