16 febrero 2019

Moment and perspective

The important thing is to catch the moment, but it is also fundamental to have the capacity to see it, because if you don't have that capacity, you will never be able to take that photograph. Be prepared because you don't know where you'll find something that asks you to be photographed.
I have already commented that I am a dilettante photographer, whose only intention is to photograph what strikes me about the reality in which I live and I know that I have my limitations as a photographer. I also know that mobile cameras have their restrictions, but they are very useful for immortalizing moments that are important to us and that's what I do. I don't pretend any more.
This time I was waiting for the beginning of a course I had enrolled in. I approached the window, pulled out the curtains so that a little light could enter because the room was in darkness and I found this image. The first thing that caught my attention was the backlight of that moment, produced by the incipient sunset that was already beginning to appear. Then I stopped looking at the frame fixed by the limits of the window, which was transformed into a wedge, thanks to the magic of perspective. I loved it. And as a colophon the boat anchored to the bottom of the image that only waited to be photographed and that was what I did.
 Image source: Photograph taken with an Acer Liquid Z630.

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