07 febrero 2019


I usually take photos of the graffiti that I find because they seem to me to be urban art that, on many occasions, is of unquestionable quality and they have nothing to envy to normalized art.
In this case, this is one of them. I don't know if the yellow hands were part of it; I think not, that the yellow hands appeared later. The good thing is that they respected graffiti. It is not the first time that I find some graffiti scribbled by others who only want to destroy this urban art.
If we stop to observe the graffiti we realize that the eye becomes, at times, a big fish that watches us, with its two fins, dorsal and caudal, that encourage us to let ourselves be carried by our gaze, to navigate the seas that our eyes offer us, because they are like fish that look for new directions. We only have to let ourselves be carried away by our eyes and by our gaze, to look not only at what we have in front of us, but to go further and look at what many see, without stopping to enjoy what the world has to offer them.

Image source: Photograph taken with an Acer Liquid Z630.

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