28 enero 2019

Go up

Climb up to find you,

to release the ballast that binds me to the earth,

break their chains and breathe.

Seeing you at the top of the stairs, unreachable chimera,

that vanishes like the song of the blackbird at dawn,

yell at you and go up the first step.

with torn knees.

Stay there, waiting for the manna of your caress,

who arrives, late as always,

and recite again the song of grief,

until I rest from your insulting lie.

I throw the strings of effort to keep climbing.

To reach the top, after leaving the blood

on the gray slopes of success,

I vomit the years of black on white

that I pick up in the light of sadness.

You no longer need my songs or their echoes.

In the end I surrender because I wake up from sleep.

I return to the land of the mediocre,

to walk the paths of mortals,

to enjoy my recognition in front of the mirror,

looking up at your peaks,

but this time I breathe and sanity returns to my head.

Image source: Photograph taken with an Acer Liquid Z630

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