06 diciembre 2018

The essentials

Give me the essentials. Leave out the superfluous.
One detail is enough for me. No more.
Perhaps a smile.
Perhaps a glance.
Perhaps a gesture.
Perhaps a scorn.
Perhaps a kiss.
What I fit it in my hand. I want no more.
What I can carry if I have to flee from your bonfire.
I do not want to burn myself with what is left over,
that tinder that will accumulate over the years
and that it will occupy every corner.
Give me the essentials. You share the rest among others.
Perhaps a touch.
Perhaps a reunion.
Perhaps a hello.
Perhaps a farewell.
Perhaps a scorn.
I do not want more than my gaze can bear.
Nothing more.
Then go away and leave me alone
Image source: Photograph taken with Acer Liquid Z630