24 noviembre 2018

Don't play

(Union Station Square. Six o'clock in the morning)
WOMAN: (Take out the mobile phone. Talk to yourself.) Shit, I'm out of battery! (She go through her purse. She pulls out a piece of paper that is folded in two. She unfolds it and reads it aloud.) Here it is clear: station Union Square and I am in that station. Then go out and take 14th Street to Union Square Street, then up 15th Street to Daryl Roth Theatre. It's easy. (She screams.) Easy?
(A man disguised as Batman turns when he hears the scream. They spend a few moments looking at each other. She approaches the man.)
WOMAN: Do you speak Spanish?
BATMAN: (With a hoarse voice and a lot of accent.) A little.
WOMAN: (Speak slowly.) I need to go to the Daryl Roth Theater on 15th Street.
BATMAN: It's close by. You have to go up there and get out of the station. (He point at the exit with the index finger of your right hand.) Then turn left, continue straight and then left again.
WOMAN: Are you an actor?
BATMAN: No, I'm not an actor. I'm a Superhero.
WOMAN: (Unbelieving.) Superhero? (Pause.) Well, you could help me get to my destination. I'm lost and I don't want to miss my first audition in New York. I'm an actress.
BATMAN: I can't. My working day is over.
WOMAN: Don't superheroes work around the clock?
BATMAN: No, that's a myth. It's impossible to work twenty-four hours. We also have to rest.
WOMAN: Do you have a mobile phone? I just need to call my friend. Mine has a dead battery.
BATMAN: Yes, I have a last generation Batphone.
WOMAN: (Strange.) What is a Batphone?
BATMAN: A normal mobile phone, but with many features.
WOMAN: Can I borrow it?
BATMAN: No, I can't. It is only for my personal use.
WOMAN: I have an emergency and you are a Superhero.
BATMAN: Yes, I am a Superhero and you do not have an emergency. Not knowing how to get to a place is not an emergency. What you have is ignorance, but it's normal when you first arrive in a country you don't know. Many aspects of the country are ignored.
WOMAN: (Angry.) Are you really not going to lend me the phone?
BATMAN: No, I'm very sorry. (They hear the sound of the train.) Also, here comes my train. Good luck with the audition and remember to be more convincing. The actors have to be.
WOMAN: (Raising the tone of voice.) Fuck off! Do you find that convincing?
(The woman turns and leaves without waiting for Batman's answer. She leaves the scene. Batman is left alone on the verge, the stage gradually darkens to total darkness. In the background you can hear the sound of the subway arriving at the station.)
Image source: El País. Natan Dvir