21 noviembre 2018

Sliding knot

He got home early and went down to the garage. He took the rope he had bought the day before. He took it at one end and made a sliding knot. He checked that it worked. Then he caught the bench, climbed up with the rope and tied it to the central beam that crossed the garage from side to side. He tested the strength of the knot by pulling it three times in a row. Then he grabbed the sliding knot with both hands and pulled the stool. He hung for a few moments until he let go.
He looked at the rope for a few seconds and left his mind blank. He turned around. He went to a corner of the garage where there was the punching bag he had bought second-hand, grabbed it and, with a lot of effort, hooked it into the slipknot. He looked at the sack and smiled. He thought it was time to resume boxing training.
Image source: own