02 septiembre 2018

Fear and fate

He walked along the road without thinking, like an automaton that had all the precise records in its head, without needing anything else. There were days when he didn't even remember how he got to work or how he got home. He only noticed it when he was in front of the mirror and felt a slight pain in his gums when brushing his teeth. Then, at that very moment, he stopped, looked into his eyes and was aware that he was alive. There he remained silent for an indeterminate period of time. I closed my eyes and listened to the drops that were falling from the tap halfway down, the water from the downspouts, the singing of the blackbird, the conversations on the street and the hooting of the wind. He breathed and felt his belly go down and up, inhaling the air that kept him alive, a monotonous and meaningless life.
He didn't hesitate, he took his old backpack, the one he kept at the bottom of the attic, dusted it off and filled it with the necessary clothes, not even one more garment. He went to the airport and stopped in front of the departure panel. His heart began to beat hard, his hands were sweating and fear seized him. He stopped to sit down because he thought he was going to faint. He closed his eyes and began to breathe, concentrating on the rhythm of his breathing, agitated and runaway, until he began to relax, to hear the voices of the passengers, the lost songs, the rhythmic tapping of the wheels of the suitcases and the sound of the arrival and departure panel.
He got up and went to one of the travel agencies at the airport. She waited her turn as she followed the rhythm of her breathing, now calm and steady. When it was his turn, he said to the girl:
"I want to buy a ticket on the first flight out".
"With what destination?"
"I don't care."
"Doesn't it make any difference to you? I can only offer you those who do not require a visa."
"It's okay."
"Are you Spanish and have a valid passport?"
"Yes to both questions."
"The first one I have is a direct trip to Hamburg, which leaves in an hour. Is that good for you?"
"Yes, perfect."
Do you pay in cash or by credit card?
"With card."
"Do you have any bags to check in?"
"No, I just have this backpack."
"Then I'll print your boarding pass."
"The girl handed over the card to Germany2.
"Here, this is the boarding pass. The boarding gate is the A52. Do not delay, although you have plenty of time to get to the gate. Have a nice trip. Have a nice trip."
"Thank you."
He left the travel agency and headed for the gate. When he passed the checkpoints, he called his younger sister and told her he was going to be away for some time. He told her not to worry, that he'd be back, but he didn't know when.
Once on the plane, he looked for his seat by the window. He sat down and started breathing until he fell asleep.
With that flight he began his new life.
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