17 agosto 2018

I already have your bones

I already have your dark moon and well bones,
the forgotten ones in the yellow chronicles of the blue ones,
those buried in the silence of the darkness of barbarism,
the ones hidden by the murderous hands.

I already have your skull,
with two black holes that swallowed your future and your smile,
with two eyes closed forever,
with two holes of rage and blindness,
with two hits to silence your libertarian word.

I already have your memory,
the one left in the black and white photographs,
the one who gave me up with eternal words,
the one I built with the water from the wells of hope.

I already have a place to bury you,
where wild daisies will always grow,
away from dark wells, chasms and ditches,
a place to rest from the monsters' folly,
where they will carve your name with the chisel of justice.

I already have your bones; justice has already been done.

  Image Source: Own