08 agosto 2018

Steemit and verification in two steps. Safety comes first.

After almost panicking at the thought that my Steemit account had been stolen, I was reflecting on the security of our platform and from that reflection this post emerges.
Nobody can hide the fact that Internet security is an aspect that we have to take very much into account and we have to watch over our accounts and social profiles so that they are safe from criminals who only want to steal from us in order to use them for their benefit.
These criminals are there, even if we don't see them, but they are there and we have to use all the tools at our disposal to protect us from their potential attacks, because these criminals use all the tools available to us to attack our slightest neglect.
It is no longer enough for us to have a hypersecure password, which meets all the requirements that are established to make our password, a very strong key, because soon as you neglect it, it is stolen.
That's why we have to be cautious and put all possible barriers in place to keep our accounts safe. However, that is not enough because criminals are always one step ahead of us and are creating increasingly more and more sophisticated theft systems.
The pirates have set sail for Steemit because they know that our community is positioning itself very well on the Internet and the Steem is resisting the onslaught of volatility in recent months. They know that here they have the possibility of making money by casting their nets in this great fishery and they know that some fish will fall into their nets.
 The user, @emdesan, had her account hacked with that pirated Dtube app. In your entry To Sad Steemit Day: My Account Was Hacked!!!! explains what happened to him.
Having said that, Steemit puts on our backs all the responsibility for the security of our account and repeats, over and over again, that we have to keep your master password safe and secure.
However, I believe that Steemit managers should implement a more advanced security protocol such as the two-step verification system. In such a way that when someone tries to use our username and password, do not allow them to advance in the identification procedure because they would have to enter a code that the system sends to our mobile phone or that we obtain in the code generator recognized by the same system.
This aspect is very important for Steemit users, because unlike other platforms, ours has an economic aspect that distinguishes us from any other and the theft of our account produces an economic damage to consider, without taking into account the loss of the level of reputation that we had obtained, with a lot of effort, over time.
Large Internet platforms such as Google, Facebook. Apple, Twitter, Linkedin, Microsoft and Yahoo have already launched it and Steemit should follow in his footsteps.
I imagine that implementing it in Steemit wouldn't be too complicated and it would be a very important step for us to keep our accounts safe from thieves.
I do not know the reasons why the two-step verification system has not been implemented in Steemit, but I imagine that it will not be for technological reasons because I believe that this is a matter that has been overcome.
Whatever it is, we Steemit users need two-step verification to give more security not only to our accounts, but to the reputation of the platform itself and to ensure that our accounts have the highest level of security.

Image source: Pixabay