28 julio 2018

The narrative structure in your Steemit posts

The life is a narrative structure; we are born, we develop and we die, although some think that we are only energy and that we transform ourselves to be part of other universes yet to know, but that is another story.
Here at Steemit, I read all I can and I find many entries that do not have any kind of narrative structure, but are a correlation of words and arguments with some hidden meaning that I do not understand; in fact we are bored because what does not have that narrative structure is not understood.
We human beings are accustomed to being told stories with a certain narrative structure and which is none other than that which is formed by the planning, the knot and the conclusion, because we understand it better and because we see that everything around us has a similar structure.
Aristotle put it many years ago, because he understood that the brain of human beings is structured to understand the world in this way. The world is governed by this structure, no longer narrative but vital. If you look around you will soon realize that this structure is there and we just have to stop and observe it;
In nature nothing begins at the end, as I said before, everything has a beginning, a development and an end.
Focusing on the issue at hand, if you look closely, the messages that try to communicate something, have that structure; news, films, series, advertisements, messages, opinion articles, novels, stories. Everything!
Therefore, when preparing your entries you have to take into account this structure so that what you want to tell is better understood and because many readers will not give you another chance of a second reading.
To do this you have to be very clear about what you want to tell before you start writing. If you're not clear, don't even try, you'll get a bad article and you'll have wasted your precious time.
For example, if you are going to talk about the future of the Steem, you have to make a small introduction (planning) of what the Steem is, then (knot) a short history of how it has gone in recent years, the ups and downs, the problems it has had, etc. and finalize (end) with your prediction about the future of this cryptomonet, because we all expect your final verdict.
Also, I have to say, there are those who play with that structure, starting, for example, at the end. You could start the article by saying:
Dear friends, I am going to give you some bad news: Steem will not exist at the end of 2018.
With this kind of strategy you have to be very careful, because they can stop reading the second paragraph if you are not able to keep the readers' attention.
Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the narrative structure before starting to write and after finishing our entry, give it a review to see if it is inside the structure.
Never forget the narrative structure; your readers, unconsciously, are asking you for it.
Image source: Pixabay