17 junio 2018

You know better than anyone that you cheated on me

That day he got up earlier than usual, because an indescribable restlessness made him open his eyes like dishes at five o' clock in the morning and that was seasoned with that pressure in the mouth of his stomach that could be palpated with his hands. His wife slept beside him, so he got up slowly so as not to wake her. He dressed in the dark, went into the kitchen and had a quiet breakfast while listening to the news on national radio. When he finished, he went down to the garage, got in his car and went out into the street. Everything was different at that time. The city was transformed in the early morning, people were different, cars, lights, parks, even shadows were different and only cats remained unaltered, because they were the owners of the night.
In his work the day passed like every other day, but with the shadow of that restlessness that flooded his soul and that slab in the mouth of his stomach. But by mid-morning, he started feeling bad, talked to his boss and went home.
When he arrived, he didn't find his wife. He looked at his watch, it was 11:00 in the morning. He took her cell phone and called her:
"Off or out of range", "he said that impersonal and binary voice". 
"She will be with her friend Rita", she thought. He looked up Rita's phone number, called her and she answered it:
 "No, she's not with me, Sabino, but the curious thing is that I can't find Andres either. I've been trying to reach him for three hours and there's no way. You know, I just met him to help measure the windows to make curtains for our new floor. Could you give me a hand? Sure, if you have nothing better to do."
 "Well, if we don't have to make a lot of efforts. I just don't feel so good."
 "Okay, I'll pick you up in five minutes. I send you a message with WhatsApp, and you get off.
After six minutes, he got the message and came down. On the way to Rita and Andres' flat, they were talking about how their lives were going. Sabino asked her that when they were planning to get married. She replied that, for now, they had to furnish the flat and that they didn't have a wedding date.
When they arrived, they went up to the ninth floor. Rita took out the keys. She was surprised I didn't have all the laps. As they entered, they heard moans and screams from the bedroom. She came in and asked who was there, followed by Sabino. They went up to the master chamber. There they met Sabino's wife, sitting on top of Andrew. Sabino looked at his wife in disgust. Without saying anything, he turned around and left. From the doorway, he heard Rita's screams that she used her entire slum-bass dictionary to insult her future husband. He also heard how his name was lost in the echo of those empty rooms:
"Sabino, Sabino, Sabino..."
 He didn't wait for the elevator. He went down the stairs looking for an explanation of what he had seen, but did not find it. 
"His wife with Andrew."
He couldn't believe it. Now he understood many things, just now. He remembered that day, when she introduced him to an old friend, Andrew and his beautiful new girlfriend, Rita. Those looks, those rubs, those words. Everything fit together, piece by piece, like the most perfect of puzzles.

Image source: Pixabay