09 abril 2018

No to piracy in Steemit!

The truth is that I'm fed up with the fact that some people have no idea what Steemit is and what it's based on, but the truth is that there are many users who aren't ashamed to advertise illegal downloading of content in this community.
Last November I made an entry on the same subject and I thought that something would have changed, but today I met a guy again who was re-publishing illegal content download links.
Steemit is getting stronger based on the thousands of users who are accessing it and the amount of original content that is being uploaded to the network. Steem's value is proof of that. However, all this work can go to ruin if we continue to allow the uploading of illegal content download links, because this type of content is only junk that hurts us as much as plagiarism. 
Steemit has incalculable value and we have to defend it to the death and the little shits that promote piracy, they don't give a shit about our community and we have to go after them, there is no other way if we want Steemit to strengthen and be recognized as a prestigious entity.
But the most annoying thing is that they want to earn money by promoting illegal downloading of content, when, us takes all of a long time to develop and upload content to this community. We spend many hours behind a screen with the sole purpose of contributing, with our content, to make Steemit be stronger and better valued every day, because we know that if that is so, we will be the first to obtain the benefits derived from it.
However, as I said, these thieves are trying to make money from the sweat of others, and we cannot afford that.
Some, these is incredible, they upload pirated movies to DTube, watch to believe. 
Behaviors like these are the ones that detract from Steemit's prestige.
I know some people believe that culture should be free, but it turns out that creating that culture is not free, it costs time and money. Just put yourself in the place of the creators. To create something with all our effort and dedication, so that a scoundrel comes and steals it from you. That's not fair.  
Just take a look around this community and you'll find lots of illegal download links. If you put in the finder: 
Download link
free books
Free Ebook
Free series
Free movies
You'll get many users who use Steemit to promote piracy. This cannot be allowed. We will have to look for some useful tool that blocks this type of content because they seriously damage us. Junk content is the worst thing that can happen to us and we can't allow it; we have to stop it because if we don't do it, the junk will go right to our noses.
The future of Steemit is in our hands and as in every human community, there will always be evil people who pretend to seek profit by stealing from others. We just have to take a walk on our streets. We have the tools to, from our square meter, dry stop these thieves and tell them:
Steemit is no place for you.
También espero que los robots ( @lince y @cheetah) amplíen sus algoritmos de búsqueda y agreguen algo sobre la promoción de enlaces pirateados. 

 Image source: Pixabay