05 abril 2018

Narrative improvisation: mathematics

You know math was never your strong suit. From the first years of primary school the shipwreck began, with the first numbers and the first operations. They got caught in your head without really knowing why. You didn't understand what the sums, subtractions, multiplications or divisions were for. You got lost forever. You missed the train and never took it again.  
Then you crawled away like a soul in grief, carrying the chains of whole numbers, cousins, powers, fractions, second-degree equations..., wondering what math was for. However, you kept working with numbers, wearing your math suspenders in your backpack, trying to understand their reason, as if it were an indecipherable code that could only be reached by a few and that you would never understand.
Yours were the words, you understood so that they would serve, you knew their meaning and you could make yourself immense controlling the word, but you always had that thorn nailed to your heart; your misunderstanding of mathematics, that abyss you thought you could never access, until that course "Mathematics Misunderstood" appeared, when you were retired. You filled yourself with courage and enrolled in the course. You never gave up and decided to pull the thorn out.
Yes, I know, it was of no use to you, although you learned and understood that mathematics had its reason for being, that they were in the universe around you and that, somehow, it was one of the pillars of human knowledge. 
You accepted it and, for the first time in your life, you saw mathematics with different eyes. From that moment on your life changed forever, although you never wanted to recognize it.

Image source: Pixabay